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Marine Engineering


Marine Engineering Services

From offshore platforms and pipelines to subsea structures and installation methodologies, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific project requirements.

PES offers specialized Marine Engineering Services to support your marine related projects. Our team of marine engineers possesses extensive expertise in designing and implementing marine infrastructure.

Innovative, Practical, Proven Engineering

At PES, we are passionate problem-solvers and engineering experts who provide convenient solutions to complex challenges. We have a formidable reputation in the marine engineering industry as innovators with an emphasis on practicality.

Better Peace Of Mind

By emphasizing strategic planning and staying in communication throughout the process, we can minimize design- and construction-related risks for our clients, resulting in greater peace of mind.

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering

Our highly-regarded, multi-faceted engineering and design team is renowned for producing premier quality services in geotechnical, structural, environmental, coastal and construction engineering.


On Time and Consistent Results

Our mission is to provide efficient engineering solutions that are delivered on time with reliable and correct results, regardless of the engineer.

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Why choose PES for Marine Engineering services?

With a deep understanding of the marine environment and regulatory considerations, we ensure that our marine engineering solutions align with industry standards and environmental guidelines.

Our team is adept at managing challenges such as marine vessel integration, installation logistics, and offshore operations, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient implementation.


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We provide services in the following sectors:

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