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Carbon Capture Engineering


Revolutionize Your Carbon Footprint with PES

Engineering a Sustainable Future through Cutting-Edge Carbon Engineering Solutions

Our team of experts provides professional guidance throughout all stages of the carbon capture process, helping you to decrease your carbon output. Take action now to significantly reduce your carbon emissions and transition your plant to net zero.

Innovative, Practical, Proven Engineering

At PES, our professional engineers are passionate problem-solvers and innovators who specialize in delivering effective solutions to intricate challenges. We have earned a remarkable reputation for being practical and inventive when it comes to the renewable energy industry.

Do What We Say
& Say What We Do

We never make a promise we can’t keep – your projects and deliveries matter. Our system tracks our progress and sends constant reminders to our team so you and your project are always at top of mind.

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering

Our highly-regarded, multi-faceted engineering and design team is renowned for producing premier quality services in geotechnical, structural, mechanical, and civilengineering.


Confidence Through Consistency

We stand boldly apart from the competition with our rigorous standards and procedures ensuring that no matter what engineer or designer is on your job, the approach and results are the same.

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What Is the Carbon Capture Sector?

The carbon capture sector is a rapidly growing industry that focuses on developing and implementing technologies to capture carbon dioxide emissions from various sources such as power plants and industrial facilities.

The goal of the carbon capture sector is to significantly reduce the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere and help mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

Carbon engineering solutions

A team of experts to help reduce your carbon output

At every stage of the exploration, design, and engineering process, our team of Engineering Services experts is dedicated to providing you with customized deliverables for your site.

This includes design requirements, a feasibility study, conceptual design, and a Front End Engineering Design (FEED). Our comprehensive studies will help you identify technical challenges, find solutions, and accurately estimate the cost of investment required for a carbon capture solution.

carbon capture engineering

Specialized Civil Engineering Services for Carbon Capture Sector

Our Civil Engineering Services team provides specialized support for carbon capture projects. We have the expertise to design and develop the necessary infrastructure for carbon capture projects, including transportation pipelines, storage facilities, and injection wells.

With our experience in civil engineering and carbon capture, we can help you implement a safe, efficient, and cost-effective carbon capture solution for your business. 


We provide services in the following sectors:

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