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Mining Engineering


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Mining Engineering Solutions

From underground tunnels and excavations to mineral processing facilities and mine infrastructure, PES provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific mining project requirements.

PES offers specialized Mining Engineering Services to support your mining related projects. Our team of engineers possesses extensive expertise in designing and implementing mining infrastructure.

Innovative, Practical, Proven Engineering

At PES, we are problem solvers at heart. We are considered a mechanical engineering firm with engineering experts that provide practical engineering solutions.


Multi-Discipline Engineering

Work with an experienced well-versed mechanical group consisting of professional engineers and EITs from different fields of mechanical engineering.


You Are in Great Hands

Our mechanical engineers participate in all project stages, from studies to detailed engineering, as required. We work on pilot plant designs and building systems for start-up technologies, to large-scale processing facilities.


On Time and Consistent Results

Our goal is to provide practical engineering solutions delivered ON TIME with consistent, accurate results – no matter the engineer.

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How can PES assist in the Mining Industry?

PES is primed to be your ally in maximizing the potential of your mining operations. With a deep understanding of the mining industry’s intricacies, PES provides tailored engineering solutions that encompass exploration, extraction, processing, and sustainability.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches, PES assists in optimizing resource utilization, enhancing safety measures, and implementing environmentally-conscious practices. 

Engineering Services - Mining Industry

Why choose PES for Mining Engineering services?

PES safeguards your mining projects with astute planning and communication, reducing risks and ensuring peace of mind. Our multi-disciplinary team delivers excellence across various engineering domains.

PES’s unwavering commitment to efficiency guarantees prompt, consistent, and precise results. Opt for PES for a streamlined, expert-driven partnership.

Mining Engineering

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