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Lithium Industry Engineering


Harnessing the Lithium Revolution

Lithium Engineering Solutions

From lithium extraction sites and brine evaporation ponds to lithium carbonate processing facilities and battery material production, PES provides comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific lithium industry engineering needs. 

PES offers specialized Lithium Engineering Services to support your lithium-centric projects. Our team of engineers possesses extensive expertise in designing and implementing infrastructure and processes essential for the burgeoning lithium industry.

Innovative, Practical, Proven Engineering

At PES, we are problem solvers at heart. We are considered a mechanical engineering firm with engineering experts that provide practical engineering solutions.


Multi-Discipline Engineering

Work with an experienced well-versed mechanical group consisting of professional engineers and EITs from different fields of mechanical engineering.


You Are in Great Hands

Our mechanical engineers participate in all project stages, from studies to detailed engineering, as required. We work on pilot plant designs and building systems for start-up technologies, to large-scale processing facilities.


On Time and Consistent Results

Our goal is to provide practical engineering solutions delivered ON TIME with consistent, accurate results – no matter the engineer.

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How can PES assist in the Lithium Industry?

Lithium engineering entails the technical expertise and methodologies applied in the extraction, processing, and utilization of lithium. Lithium is a highly sought-after element, especially in the production of batteries, which are widely used in electric vehicles and renewable energy systems. 

As an engineering company, PES likely offers services that cover various aspects of lithium engineering, such as resource estimation, mining, processing technologies, environmental compliance, and possibly the design of lithium-ion batteries or related products.

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Why choose PES for Lithium Engineering services?

With a keen understanding of the lithium extraction and processing landscape, PES offers bespoke engineering solutions that cater to the unique challenges of lithium production. 

Whether you're aiming to enhance lithium yields, implement sustainable mining practices, or innovate in lithium-based products, PES’s lithium engineering services are designed to propel your operations to the forefront of the industry.

Why Choose PES For Lithium Engineering Services

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