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Mechanical Engineering

At PES, we are problem solvers at heart. We may also be considered a mechanical engineering firm with engineering experts that provide practical engineering solutions.  

Although that is true, we are much more than that! 

Mechanical Design

Our engineering experts have a unique artistic and creative eye that helps us to design parts and assemblies in ways others may not be able to imagine.

We visualize the working elements that make up a product then create these elements using CAD tools.

From this we produce a set of engineering 3D CAD models and 2D drawings that can be used by any manufacturer worldwide. We can also ensure the proper equipment certification and provide a PE Stamp for you project. 

CAD Design

Our engineering experts all use the most advanced in CAD (computer aided design) programs to aid in engineering process. (We can't just rely on our PE Stamp!)

They are able to accurately simulate objects in 3 dimensions on their computer and easily make changes as needed. This is their main tool in the engineering process and is how they think about building products in order to provide the best engineering solutions.

We can turn your ideas into 3D concepts. For examples of our work, check out out Projects Page!

Design for Manufacturing

 One of our most popular services requested from our mechanical engineering firm is our DFM service for both new or existing product designs.

Products that are currently in use or new products that are ready to be marketed, must be designed with manufacturing costs in mind.

In most cases, these products are designed to perform specific functions and may perform quite well, but the cost to produce these products may drive a market price that is too high, making the product noncompetitive in the marketplace.

Engineering Calculations

StoneWall Engineering is known for our unconventional approach to engineering calculations.

We use our years of industry experience to obviate perceived problems and develop unique engineering solutions for each encountered situation.

Our approach is well suited for problems that have never been solved before, especially those which occur in the ever changing downhole engineering market.

Whether you need basic calculations or a PE stamp, our professional engineers are able to meet your required needs. 

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Pressure Vessel Engineering and Design

StoneWall engineers and designs pressure vessels.  

Our firm engineers, designs, analyzes, PE stamps, and certifies ASME code pressure vessels and tanks to customers throughout the United States. 

Our business provides pressure vessel (PV) engineering and design services to companies that do not want to maintain an in-house engineering staff. 

Finite Element Analysis / FEA Modeling and Simulation

StoneWall is a consulting engineering firm with extensive testing, inspection, and analysis capabilities.

StoneWall's licensed Professional Engineers utilize finite element analysis to simulate structural, fluid, vibration, and thermal response which provide predictions of how your systems will perform.

Results of finite element analysis can be evaluated and compared to codes, standards or customer specifications. Our engineering experts are committed to quality.

A finite element analysis is only as good as the accuracy of the geometry, boundary conditions, load characterization, and material properties assigned. Our analysts' design experience produce advanced 3D CAD and FEA models with properly integrated meshes for precise structural, fluid, and thermal representations.

Our validity checks include convergence analysis, review of constraints, loads, and when needed, additional codes or analytical solutions to provide confidence in our results.

StoneWall's licensed Professional Engineers develop static or transient, linear or nonlinear finite element models to evaluate structural and thermal responses. These finite element analyses produce detailed time or frequency histories, graphs and contour plots of stress, structural, and thermal loads, and deformation under various loads or service conditions.

Computer-aided design (CAD) software, engineering, drawing, computational and productivity tools that we use include the following:

  • SolidWorks is a solid modeling CAD (computer-aided design) program we use to design and validate pressure vessels and tanks. We use it to design, draw and layout pressure vessels, tanks, components to ensure proper fit up of the fabricated unit.

  • AutoCAD is used to create detailed fabrication drawings of pressure vessels. These shop fabrication drawings are used in the manufacturing facility by welders, fabricators and machine operators.

  • COMPRESS – Pressure Vessel Design + Solid Modeling: COMPRESS accelerates engineering productivity by managing the complex design rules of the ASME Code. 

Our firm specializes in ASME code pressure vessel engineering and design services

CFD Analysis

Incorporating Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis into the design process can help companies achieve aggressive product performance requirements needed to secure market share in today’s competitive landscape.

StoneWall's CFD simulation services help teams identify problems before market introduction through uncovering insight and highlighting opportunities for design optimization, thereby reducing risks and avoiding costly warranty problems.

Machine Design

StoneWall is a group of experienced professionals that share a passion for the creation of superior machinery design.  

Offering services and custom products to owners and operators of industrial machinery, both in the oilfield and in rapidly growing manufacturing sectors

StoneWall provides cost-effective high quality redesign of troublesome machinery and also new and innovative design when appropriate.

Fluid Dynamics

First our engineers use rigorous analysis to understand how a device works, and to predict how a new concept might work better.

Whether we are designing a new downhole tool, a water purifying device or an industrial compressor, we create a theoretical model of the device and validate it. The theoretical model may be a CFD simulation or a detailed mathematical model.

Once we have an analysis that looks correct, we make sure that our model fits a known device. We do this by an extensive search of journal articles/technical papers for similar devices, or by comparing via laboratory testing to a similar device.

We have the experience and the know-how to develop analysis methods that can be trusted. Once we know how accurate our analysis is, we can use it to predict the behavior of new concepts before building and testing them.

We use this type of methodology to test out potential engineering solutions quickly and reject those that won’t meet specifications. These results are then used to aid in mechanical design and fabricated prototypes and/or working parts.

Electrical Engineering

Process Controls

We extensive experience in the design, installation and commissioning of various Distributed Controls System (DCS) and Process Automation Systems (PAS) applications, such as: Blow Out Preventer (BOP) Control Systems and Drilling Process Monitoring Systems for the Oil & Gas Industry.

We also provide extensive knowledge in designing Safety Instrumented Systems(SIS), our team can assist with all HAZOP and LOPA studies as set forth by IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 standards, as well as, any verification and design reviews associated with FMECA.

Our team has experience in some of the harshest and most highly regulated areas all over the globe.

Whether you need assistance with commissioning, third party testing and verification, or need an entire system design, our team will utilize our extensive knowledge of industry “Best Practices” to ensure your job meets the highest standards. 

Controls instrumentation 

Controls instrumentation are the sensory devices that provide all the data used to monitor and regulate the process functions.

Pressure Transducers, Thermocouplers, and Proximity Sensors are all core components in a PCS. Failure of these components or improper design and installation can lead to a whole host of problems, all of which lead to loss of time and production.

Often failed equipment is merely replaced without any thought given to the cause of failure, or diagnostics of the instruments put in place to prevent failure.

Our team will help design a system and select the proper controls instrumentation that will provide not only the ability to monitor your PCS, but also provide fail-safes to ensure the safety of your team and the integrity of your system are never compromised.

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PLC and HMI Programming

At the heart of the Process Control System (PCS) is the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PLC is the most vital component in every controls and monitoring system.

Poor choice in PLC selection and/or programming can be the difference between smooth and efficient operations or constant headaches in troubleshooting and debugging. It can also drain a projects budget.

Our team provides expert assistance in selecting the most cost-effective PLC and necessary Remote I/O so that our clients don’t needlessly blow their budget.

We also provide expert programming so that the client spends more time focused on growing their business than troubleshooting glitches.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) has come a long way from being a simple monitor on the wall or panel door. HMI’s give Operators the ability to monitor and interact with the Controls System. But not all HMI’s are created equal, and they are surely not one size fits all. The software platform for your HMI’s are determined by your system’s needs.

We provide custom programming to allow the HMI to be seamlessly integrated into the controls process.

We understand that your Operators are probably not Controls Engineers, and that complicated programs will hinder the efficiency of the controls system rather than assist your Operators in effectively performing their jobs. We will also assist our client in determining the best device based on location, integration, and communication needs.

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