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Energy Engineering


What is energy engineering?

Energy Engineering is an inventive and thrilling new field of engineering, full of potential for development. 

Energy engineers are not only at the forefront of designing efficient technology to generate energy but also finding ways to reduce overall consumption and cost by optimizing systems.

Innovative, Practical, Proven Engineering

At PES, our professional engineers are passionate problem-solvers and innovators who specialize in delivering effective solutions to intricate challenges. We have earned a remarkable reputation for being practical and inventive when it comes to the energy industry.

Do What We Say
& Say What We Do

We never make a promise we can’t keep – your projects and deliveries matter. Our system tracks our progress and sends constant reminders to our team so you and your project are always at top of mind.

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering

Our highly-regarded, multi-faceted engineering and design team is renowned for producing premier quality services in geotechnical, structural, mechanical, and civilengineering.


Confidence Through Consistency

We stand boldly apart from the competition with our rigorous standards and procedures ensuring that no matter what engineer or designer is on your job, the approach and results are the same.

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What Is the Energy Sector?

From oil and gas exploration to refining and power utilities, the energy sector is an expansive category of companies whose mission it is to provide reliable sources of energy.

This incorporates traditional reserves such as crude oil or natural gas, drilling operations related thereto, integrated electrical solutions that rely on renewable resources like solar or wind power, and even those involved in coal production.

energy sector

What do Energy Engineers do?

Energy engineers hone their skills in a variety of areas such as electrical systems, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) systems, green buildings, lighting and air quality.

Their expertise involves both engineering principles combined with economic acumen to resolve any issues related to the energy industry from production all the way through processing up until consumption.

energy engineers

We provide services in the following sectors:

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